The 1.7.1 version is simply a minor update for the 1.7 version of DOCman List (fixes related to the new caching feature have been added)!

Version 1.7.1 Bug Fixes!

  • Fixed an issue where using docmanlist multiple times in a single page resulted in cloned output (instead of different output).
  • Fixed an issue with the new optional caching parameters (wouldn't work properly when manually enabled, since the optional parameters would not have been processed when the cache was retrieved)

Note: Please install Customized System SEF Plugin

When using DOCman List there is a high probability that you will cause Joomla's default System SEF Plugin to break, because of the regular expressions and error handling it uses. This will result in a WSOD (White Screen of Death) with no apparent reason/cause. The solution is to download and install (FREE) the Updated System SEF Plugins (available for Joomla 1.5 and 1.7) from the Downloads area.

Want to see what other features DOCman List has? Check out the Features page! Want to see the plugin in action? Check out the DOCman List Plugin's Example page on our Demo Site (it's been newly updated an example of the nestedtable layout)!

DOCman File Listing Plugin