The 1.5.8 version is a quick update to the 1.5.6 version released over the weekend to address a backwards compatibility bug and some other minor issues as well as introduce a new modal popup option for the view links!

Quick Release Note: The 1.5.6+ version's ZIP file contains a customized router.php file which can be used to overwrite DOCman's default router.php file. My version adds some new capabilities that allows my query reduction improvements to be taken advantage of even when SEF URLs have been enabled (unfortunately I couldn't fix this within the plugin as it's an issue with DOCman itself, hence the customized router.php file).

New version 1.5.8 Features!

  • Added a new layout: select dropdown lists (initial version...still needs input/work) (Corresponding key when calling plugin: useDropdownLayout)
  • Added a new layout: categories (now you can simply display only the categories if you'd like...the layouts make use of this one) (Corresponding keys when calling plugin: useCategoriesLayout)
  • Added more robust file extension support (added in all icons from default DOCman template and added support for a generic image to be used when no appropriate icon is available)
  • Added check to see if a document has been checked out, if it has then the Check-in link is displayed in lieu of displaying the Update link
  • Added ability to hide empty categories (Corresponding keys when calling plugin: showEmptyCategories, hideEmptyCategories)
  • Added ability to configure the date display format (for those that want to be more detailed and show the time as well as the date or just want to display the date differently).
  • Added ability for the category count to be displayed (Corresponding keys when calling plugin: showCategoryCount, hideCategoryCount)

Want to see what other features DOCman List has? Check out the Features page! Want to see the plugin in action? Check out the DOCman List Plugin's Example page on our Demo Site (it's been newly updated with some examples of the new layouts and hideEmptyCategories and showCategoryCounts option keys)!

DOCman File Listing Plugin