The new 2.7.2 version is now live on the Downloads page and brings in some additional changes since DOCman has reached a new milestone with the DOCman 2.1 release.

This release works for both Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.4+ and adds in new fixes and features in addition to all of the wonderful new functionality that was added in the first 2.6.0 release for DOCman 2.0.

This release contains some great new options including a really neat layout I'm eager to have people try out: the Standalone Cart Mode (it looks very similar to the existing Table Layout, but it includes an extra column of checkboxes where users can select the files they wish to download and can then download them all at once in a ZIP file). I'm hoping to put together a screencast going over the new feature soon!

More details on the new update are below (if you have questions about how to use the new features just visit the Contact page above and I'll be happy to explain any new feature in more detail)!

Version 2.7.2 Changelog

Please note again that this release DOES NOT work with the older DOCman 1.6.x version since DOCman 2.0's architecture is much different and I wasn't able to share the codebase easily.

2.7.2 2015-04-19 / Omar Ramos
+ Improved the Asset Rule Preloading Capability which greatly improves loading speed on large sites (on the site I used for testing prior to the change it was taking about 45 seconds to load the page using my older method for Preloading, now it only takes about 10 seconds...and this is with about 750 files and 34 categories being displayed on the same page).
+ NEW Layout: Standalone Cart - The standalone cart integrates a ZIP Download Feature so your users can download multiple files at once. It's similar to the table/nested table layouts, except there is a column of checkboxes that allow users to select the files they wish to download. Beneath every list there are "Download Selected Files" and "Clear Selections" buttons. (Option Keys: useStandaloneCartLayout, useNestedStandaloneCartLayout)
+ Added "show categories owned by user" feature. (Option Keys: showOwnCategoriesList, showNormalCategoriesList)
+ Added "show documents owned by user" feature. (Option Keys: showOwnDocumentsList, showNormalDocumentsList)
+ Added Ability for Owner Status to be Displayed on Categories. (Option Keys: showCategoryOwnerLabel, hideCategoryOwnerLabel)
+ Added Ability for Owner Status to be Displayed on Documents. (Option Keys: showDocumentOwnerLabel, hideDocumentLabel)
+ Added Ability for Published/Unpublished Status to be Displayed on Categories. (Option Keys: showCategoryStatusLabel, hideCategoryStatusLabel)
+ Added Ability for Pending/Expired/Unpublished Status to be Displayed on Documents. (Option Keys: showDocumentStatusLabel, hideDocumentStatusLabel)
# Fixed an issue I noticed when saving articles that contained DOCman List code in the backend when Smart Search was enabled for a site (it caused an error in one of the files where the regular DOCman code was being used and was behaving differently than it does in the frontend).
2.7.1 2015-04-16 / Omar Ramos (Hotfix Release)
# Fixed issue with DOCman 2.1 (a change had been made at the database level that caused the plugin to stop retrieving data correctly).
2.7.1 2015-03-14 / Omar Ramos
+ Added new feature for Submitting Files to Menu Items that have been manually created by users (using the DOCman "Submit Document" Menu Type).
! This is only used as a fallback feature in the case that the regular Submit File links won't be added automatically for a category.
2.7.0 2015-03-11 / Omar Ramos
# Fixed a bug where the jQuery Library wasn't being included correctly to support Delete operations properly in Joomla 2.5
+ Added keepalive behavior when logged into a page using DOCman List (this helps keep the session alive so you don't run into an "Invalid Cookie Token" error when trying to use the Delete button for a file.
2.7.0 2015-01-17 / Omar Ramos
! This is a minor point release where I integrated some custom work I had performed for a client.
+ Added a new Cart layout that can be used together with my mod_downloadqueue module (allows you to queue up multiple files for download when using DOCman List). (Option Keys: useCartLayout/useNestedCartLayout)
2.6.9 2014-12-23 / Omar Ramos
# Fixed SqueezeBox Conflict Issue (If a prior SqueezeBox/Modal had already been added to the page it overrides the plugin's version so I added a more foolproof way within the plugin output.
# Fixed Joomlatools kQuery include issue (looks like older versions of DOCman 2.0 may have had a koowa.kquery.js file which has been more recently renamed to koowa.jquery.js)
2.6.8 2014-12-15 / Omar Ramos
# Fixed Force Download Feature for Files (the URL parameter had changed from an underscore to using a dash: force-download)
+ Added ability to turn on Category Description Content Plugin processing
+ Added the Delete button capability in (DOCman 2.0 had changed the process so I needed to wait to know how to add it back in to the plugin)
+ Investigate if it is possible to show hits on the Documents now in DOCman 2.0 stable
+ Added Search Capability
+ Added modal link ability back in
+ Added "Copy to Clipboard" functionality option
2.6.7 2014-09-22 / Omar Ramos
# Needed to make an additional correction in the itemid.php class file (The Joomlatools Select Query format had changed and resulted in a PHP error)
2.6.6 2014-08-31 / Omar Ramos
! Needed to modify all calls to KService which is no longer usable with the DOCman 2.0 stable version.
! Additionally, some method names were changed, and/or completely removed

Want to see what other features DOCman List has? Check out the Features page! Want to see the plugin in action? Check out the DOCman List Plugin's Example page on our Demo Site (it's been newly updated with an example of the nestedtable layout) and our new DOCman List How to Video Series on Youtube!