The new 2.7.8 version is now live on the Downloads page and brings in a new minor capability to match a correction to the display of dates in the recently released DOCman 2.1.5!

Specifically, this release brings in the ability for DOCman List to correctly take into account your Joomla site's timezone setting to show the most accurate Date and Time values when displaying your document lists!

Previously, the plugin was pretty much just accepting the dates it was receiving from DOCman 2.1.x database at face value and just formatting them without any particular timezone adjustments.

In the recently released 2.1.5 version of DOCman though, there was a fix described as "Timezone offset added twice when adding documents on some hosts" and after that was corrected, one of my wonderful DOCman List users noted that even after that update, the DOCman List plugin would sometimes show the incorrect date (since the timezone wasn't being taken into account so sometimes the date would be off on the document). 

So I spent a bit of time today researching that and made the needed adjustments in the plugin so that the timezone would now be correctly taken into account as defined in Joomla.

To better illustrate, the times shown in the first image below show how things were under the previous version of the plugin (v2.7.7) and are displaying things in the standardized UTC ( timezone that the dates are stored in the database with:

docmanlist 277 date behavior

But I think it's pretty safe to agree with the user that reported this that it might be a good idea to take into account the timezone set on your Joomla site instead!

Here on my local test site I have the timezone set to the "America/Los_Angeles" value which is usually ~7-8 hours behind the UTC time (depending on whether we're in Daylight Savings or not), so the screenshot below more accurately displays the dates/times when I added the following test documents in:

docmanlist 278 date behavior

Since no new option keys were added in this release the 2.7.7 version of the documentation for the plugin is still accurate and can be found here: DOCman List 2.7.7 Documentation.

Version 2.7.8 Changelog

Please note again that this release DOES NOT work with the older DOCman 1.6.x version since DOCman 2.0's architecture is much different and I wasn't able to share the codebase easily.

2.7.8 2016-05-01 / Omar Ramos
# Corrected date display within plugin so that timezones are correctly accounted for.
# Noticed that the Labels in Columns layout would sometimes not show the new column correctly so made a slight adjustment in that layout to correct that.

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