The new 2.8.0 version is now live on the Downloads page and brings in support for DOCman 3.0 RC1 from Joomlatools!

There were some issues with the new format for the Primary Menu Item check that I do so that the plugin can correctly create its SEF URLs for you, along with some new locations for where Joomlatools placed its JavaScript files that needed to be brought into the plugin (this JavaScript is needed to correctly support the Delete operation within the Plugin's output).

Version 2.8.0 Changelog

This release should still be compatible with DOCman 2.x if you are running it.

2.8.0 2016-10-06 / Omar Ramos
+ Added minor changes for DOCman 3.0 RC compatibility in our Primary Menu Item ID check for DOCman (this is needed for the plugin to correctly generate SEF URLs for you).
+ Added extra code so that new JavaScript locations for DOCman 3.0 Koowa JS files will get loaded properly (these are needed for the File Delete capability to work correctly within the plugin output).

Quick Tip: Setting Up the Default Menu Item Needed for the Plugin

After installing the plugin and DOCman 3.0, you will need to make sure you have a default menu item setup for DOCman otherwise you will see the plugin output some error info that looks like this:

docmanlist error 2016-10-06 9-56-31

NOTE: If you upgraded from DOCman 2.x to DOCman 3.0 you may have to open up your existing DOCman 2 menu item and resave it (to save the new URL structure and help the plugin work).

In order to fix this, you need to create a Default Menu Item for all categories so you need to create a DOCman "(Default Hierarchical List" menu item set to show All Categories (it can be located in a hidden menu if you don't wish it to be a part of your site's Main Menu) and it is allowed to be in any of the List, Table, or Gallery layouts currently available in DOCman 3.0 (in previous versions of my plugin it only supported the List layout menu item).

Once you create this menu item, the plugin should be able to create it's output as expected :-).


docmanlist menuitem setup 2016-10-06 9-27-29

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