The new 2.7.9 version is now live on the Downloads page and brings in some minor bugfixes!

There was a small CSS issue that was being noticed with certain templates so an extra CSS rule was added into hopefully remedy that automatically for others.

Additionally, there was an issue for anyone trying to use the Category Inclusion/Exclusion Filters and needing to use single character wildcards (which in SQL are denoted with the _ character). Because of the way I had initially set things up, I had documented that the underscore could be used in lieu of a space character, but the drawback with using the underscore is that it would prevent you from using those single character wildcards (you could safely use a % symbol to do a mass wildcard, but not the single character ones).

So I added an option where you can change this previously hardcoded space separator to another character when needed so that you can use the underscores if you need to use the single character wildcards.

Version 2.7.9 Changelog

Please note again that this release DOES NOT work with the older DOCman 1.6.x version since DOCman 2.0's architecture is much different and I wasn't able to share the codebase easily.

2.7.9 2016-08-24 / Omar Ramos
! Happy Birthday Mom!
# Fixed an issue limiting the functionality of the Category Inclusion/Exclusion Filters.
# Fixed a CSS issue being noticed on newer templates that set images to be displayed as blocks which affected the display of the DOCman List output.

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