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It's been a long time coming, but I've finally been able to sit down and complete a project I've been wanting to finish for some time...the new Content Update Notifications Plugin for Joomla 1.6+!

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 This plugin does a number of things, but mainly it allows the user editing the content in Joomla 1.6+ (Articles + Content Categories) to receive a notification email upon editing/creating a new content item.

In the notification email, the previous version of the content is attached in a txt file and html file, as well as the new version.

The other information about the content is also displayed in the email.

You can also add additional people to be notified upon editing content (such as administrators, or other key people in charge of keeping the quality of the content intact).

The plugin will also notify you with a copy of the article before it is deleted completely from the system (which should make it easier to restore something if it is deleted accidentally).

You may call it a poor man's version control system (using email as the storage mechanism) but I think it will work quite nicely for a lot of sites and I hope you enjoy it!

On top of the above, I've also added in some common corrections for content pasted from Microsoft Word, but I'm looking for additional examples of things that could be corrected so if you have those I'd really like to add them in so that your HTML can be cleaned automatically upon submission!

Thank you to all of the people that have bought subscriptions to the site this year!

I really want to say thank you to everyone that has bought a subscription this past year that I've been offering commercial extensions for Joomla. Not only have you guys brought a bunch of great ideas to the floor (especially with my DOCman List Plugin) but you guys have been wonderful to communicate with (now, if only I can get the notification system in the forum working correctly so I can be more prompt in those replies...however, I should always respond to emails pretty quickly from my Contact Page).