The 2.6.0 version I've just finished uploading to the Downloads page is the first version of DOCman List that can be used with the new DOCman 2.0 out from Joomlatools. NOTE: Please do not use this new version if you are using DOCman 1.6.x on your site! This version adds in some major new features and includes a lot of code cleanup to make DOCman List have great performance with DOCman 2.0 and make it easier for me to add in additional features and layouts in the future.

The new features mentioned below aren't available yet in the 2.5.x series of the DOCman List plugin that works with DOCman 1.6, but I will be adding in most of the new features in a new release for that version over the next week or two as I begin backporting the new changes to the older version.

More details on the new update are below (if you have questions about how to use the new features just visit the Contact page above!

Version 2.6.0 Changelog

Please note again that this release DOES NOT work with the older DOCman 1.6.x version since there were too many changes required to do so. I will be releasing an updated version of the DOCman List 2.5.x plugin within the next week or two that contains most of the new features I've brought in with the 2.6.0 version.

  • Big New Feature: DOCman 2.0 Compatibility.
  • Performed a major code cleanup to make it easier to add new parameters and Option Keys
  • Added additional Option Keys for existing parameters
  • Moved the parameter labels/descriptions into the Language file so that they can be translated (if anyone cares to do so, feel free to send me your translations to Support).
  • Added in 4 New Layouts: Image Columns, Image List, Simple File List and Simple File List with CSS3 Columns
  • Added in the ability to use regular template overrides so you can create your very own custom DOCman List Layouts! Simply place your own custom versions of the layouts (or even create new ones) in: templates/your_template/html/plg_content_docmanlist/
  • Simplified way of creating nested layouts
  • Added in ability for Document Thumbnail to be displayed in table layouts or in the Title Hover ToolTip
  • Reworked the data retrieval methods for DOCman 2.0 so that DOCman List can retrieve document/category information efficiently.
  • Created new classes to make generating SEF URLs more efficient
  • Created new class to make retrieving the Asset Rules for Document/Category more efficient
  • Created new "Demo" mode that you can use by adding in the showDemo Option Key. Provides a nice way to present the information contained about the parameters, along with all of the Option Keys available in DOCman List, in a way you can print out more easily for yourself or others.
  • Added ability to turn the Submit Files links On/Off
  • Added ability to turn the "New!" labels for Documents/Categories On/Off
  • Added ability to display a File Extension column/value
  • Added in ability to override the default PHP Execution Time and Memory Limit if your web host allows doing so via PHP. This can help if you have a few DOCman List pages that are outputting a lot of content and need the extra time/memory.
  • Added in support for Wildcard Category Filters (prior to this you could only specify an exact match to filter out). So now you could do something like 15:Board* to filter out any subcategories that start with the word "Board" of Category ID = 15.
  • Added in ability to filter out Categories with spaces in the title (I noticed spaces would cause an incorrect result). So now you could do something like 15:Board of Trustees and the "Board of Trustees" subcategory should be filtered out from Category ID = 15.
  • Added in additional checks to process DOCman List code more effectively (sometimes TinyMCE/JCE would add in HTML in odd places that would break things so I'm trying to handle that transparently for you guys).
  • Added in ability to filter out Categories with spaces in the title
  • The showMenu option doesn't currently show the Search or Submit Files, but it still allows you to link to the DOCman Main Page.
  • Reorganized the File Parameters and Grouped them...hopefully this makes the configuration screen a little more user friendly.
  • Removed Modal View Link Option (wasn't working correctly in the new version)
  • Removed the View Link (DOCman 2.0 simplifies the available links so I only have the Download/Details/Edit links currently)
  • I'm sure there are probably a few things I've forgotten, but all in all it's a pretty major release! Enjoy!

DOCman List 2.6.0 Screenshots

New DOCman List 2.6.0 Image Columns Layout

New DOCman List 2.6.0 Image List Layout

New DOCman List 2.6.0 Layout Overrides Feature

New DOCman List 2.6.0 Show Thumbnail in Table or Tooltip Option

New DOCman List 2.6.0 Simple File List using CSS 3 Columns Layout

New DOCman List 2.6.0 Simple File List Layout

Note: Please install Customized System SEF Plugin

Update: For DOCman List 2.6.0 I've optimized the layouts to not use as few inline styles as possible (really the only scenario where they'd be used now would be if you specified a custom width/height value using one of the configuration options, but none should be output by default anymore). During development of DOCman List 2.6.0 I spent a little time investigating what exactly is going on with the default System SEF Plugin that comes with Joomla and what I learned was that one Regular Expression used in the System SEF Plugin would get progressively slower if there were many inline styles present in the DOCman List output (even if they were empty). Once I started clearing these out, it helped reduce the negative impact the System SEF Plugin had so installing my custom System SEF Plugin shouldn't be as necessary anymore, but may still be needed in certain scenarios.

When using DOCman List there is a high probability that you will cause Joomla's default System SEF Plugin to break, because of the regular expressions and error handling it uses. This will result in a WSOD (White Screen of Death) with no apparent reason/cause. The solution is to download and install (FREE) the Updated System SEF Plugins (available for Joomla 1.5 and 1.7) from the Downloads area.

Want to see what other features DOCman List has? Check out the Features page! Want to see the plugin in action? Check out the DOCman List Plugin's Example page on our Demo Site (it's been newly updated with an example of the nestedtable layout)!