Before joining any clubs or purchasing any products there are always many unanswered questions people have. We have collected many of our frequently asked pre-sales questions here in the hope that they may assist people in making the right decision.

Extensions and Purchasing

Can I test out an extension before I buy it?

Currently we have some front end demonstrations of our extensions available on our demo site. Administrator demonstrations however are currently not available.

With our 90 day guarantee though, you are free to get your money back if the extension doesn't do what you believed it to. So you have nothing to lose by getting a membership and trying it out.

Can I keep using the extensions if I cancel my membership?

Yes you can. However, you won't be able to download any patches or updates to the extensions anymore. You also won't receive priority support anymore.

I only want ABC extension. Can I buy it separately?

We have chosen a club model for several reasons, one of which is the ability to provide a lot of value - i.e. extensions, for a low price. If we were to sell items separately, the number of items sold would drop so we would be forced to raise prices to meet that. So you would end up paying the same price for 1 extension as you do now for all of them.

Most people would agree that access to many is better value than access to one at the same price.

That still didn't answer my question, can I get ABC separately for less than the cost of a membership?

Ok, ok. Well the short answer is no. A membership is only $60/yr so we can't sell any of them for much less than that and still make a profit. Many of our are worth $60 by themselves. Some of them have had thousands of dollars spent on development. So $60 is a more than fair price for them we feel. However if you REALLY, REALLY want only one extension, then we will sell it to you. But not for less than the cost of a membership.

I don't have a Paypal account, how do I pay?

Paypal also accepts credit cards, but if you still can't use Paypal, we are hopefully getting 2CO in soon as well. In the meantime please contact us and we will arrange for someone to invoice you via 2CO.

I work for a non profit with a low budget. Can we get free extensions?

We are certainly willing to work with people from non profit groups, or for that matter anyone without the funds to purchase a membership. All we ask is for a fair trade of value for value.

I paid for my membership, but I can't download. Why not?

Sometimes you may need to log out, clear your browser cache, and then in again before your account updates itself. This is because some browers are a little over enthusiastic about remembering your session information in Joomla and it continues to remember your old membership level.

Licenses and Support

Do free members get support?

If you downloaded a free extension, you will get support yes, but it will be non priority support. Meaning that you will get helped only after all our paying members have been.

What licenses are your extensions covered by?

We primarily use the GNU GPL and LGPL licenses for our work, though you may find included source code bearing a different (but GPL compatible) license, such as the MIT license in mootools.

How many sites can I use the extensions on?

Because we use Open Source licenses, there is no limit we can put on the number of sites you can use our extensions. Even if we could, we wouldn't. We hate domain based licensing as much as you do.

Why do you use Open Source licenses and not proprietary?

We could have gone proprietary, and we would probably be making more money that way, but we all love Open Source work. We want to contribute back to the community that made us what we are today.

Isn't selling Open Source extensions illegal, or at least immoral?

This is a common misconception, but entirely not true. Many Free Open Source Software (FOSS) projects are 'no cost' to download. But this doesn't mean they have to be. The 'Free' in FOSS refers to freedom, and not to price. Just read the third paragraph of the GPL License which is the most commonly used FOSS license in the world.

We also feel that there is nothing immoral about desiring a fair compensation for our efforts. We all have families to feed, clothe, take to the doctor and provide for, and we can't subsist on goodwill and download counts alone.Our prices, taking into account our level of support, and the number and quality of our extensions, are the best in the world for any commercial CMS company.


Do you do custom work?

We do, but be warned it's not cheap. We charge at least $1500 USD for an extension and at least $3000 USD for a website (not including template). We do however guarantee that you will get top quality for that price.

Do you do installations of your extensions?

Yes we do, but again it's not cheap. We charge $50-$100 USD an hour, and a minimum of one hour, depending on the developer and the extension.