Very Simple Image Rotator Content Plugin
Version: 2.5.0
Copyright (C) 2008-12 Omar Ramos, orware networks. All rights reserved.
License GNU/GPL, see LICENSE.php


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2.5.0 2012-09-01 / Omar Ramos
+ Fixed issue with the JavaScript performing the image transitions (z-index: 1 needed to be set to prevent a jumpy, awkward looking transition for the upcoming slide)
+ Added in image resizing using the GD library and Resize class from:
+ Added ability to create a custom links.txt file in the same directory as your images which contains a line for each image, along with a custom URL, title, and alt text to use (e.g. 01.jpg||Imperial Valley College|Picture of IVC Board Member)
+ Added Limit to the Random parameter
+ Added per instance customization options for just about everything! (Example Keys that can be used: includeSubfolders, ignoreSubfolders, randomizeImagesYes, randomizeImagesNo, setRandomLimit 5, directImageLinksYes, directImageLinksNo, setLinksFileName some_other_file.txt, setWidth 640, setHeight 480, setDelay 3000, setTransitionDelay 2000, resizeImagesOn, resizeImagesOff, setResizedImageQuality 80, setFolderPermissions 0755)
+ Added center images in HTML option (centerImagesOn, centerImagesOff)
! Very simple usage: { vsir setResizedImageQuality 100 directImageLinksYes includeSubfolders setDelay 5000 setTransitionDelay 2000 setWidth 320 setHeight 180 images/resized} (please remove the space after the starting { symbol when you use on your site)

ArtCats 2.5
Version: 2.5.0beta
Copyright (C) 2008-12 Omar Ramos, orware networks. All rights reserved.
License GNU/GPL, see LICENSE.php


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2.5.0 2012-04-28 / Omar Ramos
+ Added code to make the module output styling similar to mod_menu, which template companies support better.
+ Added ability for dynamic category and article listings
+ Added dynamic module title capability
! This is definitely working software, but since it is a beta version it might not have every bell and whistle you might want included...if there's something you'd like to see, please let me know via my

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ArtCats 1.5.2 Module (Show Article/Category List Auto.)
(ZIP Download) Articles 1.5 Module +SEF URLs


ArtCats 2.0.4
Version: 2.0.4
Copyright (C) 2008-10 Omar Ramos, orware networks. All rights reserved.
License GNU/GPL, see LICENSE.php


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2.0.4 2010-07-07 / Omar Ramos
+ Added new "Exclude Current Article" parameter option. Allows the Current Article to be Excluded from the Article List genereated by ArtCats. Thanks to Christ Urban for the suggestion and donation for this feature!

2.0.3 2009-04-25 / Omar Ramos
# Fixed Call Time Pass By Reference Issue Being Experienced by a number of users. Thanks to Gaila for the needed changes!
# Fixed getCategoryURL() Issue where URL would not correctly link to the Blog view for items not already in a Menu

2.0.2 2009-03-29 / Omar Ramos
# Fixed Expandable Mode so that it works correctly in IE7 (changes were made to the toggle.js file)

2.0.1 2009-03-25 / Omar Ramos
# Fixed warning error in getProcessedBothRows() (missing count property for objects and fixed a call to $count which should have $this->getCount().
# Fixed all of text values in the lists to use a new method named _cleanLinks() which applies htmlspecialchars() correctly depending on the user's PHP version. (Thanks to kaezr for noticing the issue!)
+ Added method="upgrade" declaration in the mod_artcats.xml file (now you can just install the updated version of ArtCats directly without having to uninstall and then reinstall!)

2.0.0 2009-02-28 / Omar Ramos
+ Added Sitemap Mode (Used in Conjunction with the loadposition Core Joomla plugin)
+ Added Subcategories Support
+ Added Expandable Mode Option
+ Added Combined Categories and Articles List Option
+ Added Show Category Article Count Option
+ Added Ability to Change Article View Type from Normal to Edit Article
+ Added Ability to Change Category View Type from Blog to List
+ Added Show Article List on Article Page Option
+ Added Show Category List on Category Page Option
+ Added Ability for New CSS Files to be added in the Templates Folders for Template-Specific Styles (Please Send Me Yours!)
+ Added Keywan's contribution for allowing ArtCats to work on the Frontpage
# Fixed All Usages of JRequest to use the safer getInt() and getCmd() methods
! Currently Archive Mode Does Absolutely Nothing So Do Not Use IT!

1.5.4 2008-09-16 / Omar Ramos
+ Added better Category SEF URL support

1.5.3 2008-06-29 / Omar Ramos
+ Added capability to show the articles list on article pages as well (only works when Both and Auto Modes have been selected/turned on)

1.5.2 2008-05-27 / Omar Ramos
+ Added Dynamic Module Title with help from Andrew Eddie and Rob Schley of Joomla/JXtended
+ Added Two Module Title Parameters for Both Mode (one for Category Page Title, one for Article Page Title)
+ Added Check for option=com_content since there are other components that also use section/category as view names (e.g. jxtended Magazine)

1.5.1 2008-05-27 / Omar Ramos
+ Made small correction in mod_artcats.xml that still referenced mod_articles (thanks to ah72 on the Joomla Forums)

1.5.0 2008-05-26 / Omar Ramos
! Added Categories functionality to mod_articles and renamed to mod_artcats (ArtCats)
+ Added "Both" Capability which allows the module to function on Section and Category pages automatically
+ Added ability to sort by multiple fields
+ Added ability to change sort order (ascending/descending)
+ Allowed for sorting/sort order to be mode independent (separate settings for Article/Category modes)
+ Reimplemented Show Empty Categories Feature from mod_categories (I had removed it for mod_articles)
! Tested with/without SEF URLs enabled
! Need to figure out how to change module title via module parameters for "Both" mode to function seamlessly