New version 1.5.1 Features!

  • Added Display of the Uploaded By Field  (in addition to the existing: Name, Size, Added On, Last Updated On, and Downloaded columns)
  • Added Show/Hide Capability for following columns: Size, Added On, Last Updated On, Uploaded By and Downloaded.
  • Made categories displaying files collapsible (and the option configurable)
  • Reduced database query usage (unfortunately, DOCman's methods being used within the plugin still generate quite a few...I'll look into fixing this in an upcoming revision)
  • Added ability to display document description in a mootools tooltip when hovering over the document name
  • Added ability to change parameters on the fly when calling the plugin using the following keywords (case-sensitive): orderByName, orderByDate, orderByHits, orderAscending, orderDescending, showTooltip, hideTooltip, showSize, hideSize, showAddedOn, hideAddedOn, showLastUpdatedOn, hideLastUpdatedOn, showUploadedBy, hideUploadedBy, showUsersActualName, showUsername,showDownloaded, hideDownloaded, showExpanded, showCollapsed.
  • Added automatic parameter reset capability  (otherwise, after changing the parameters dynamically in one call, subsequent calls to the plugin will continue to use the same settings).

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