This was meant to be a 1.5.2 release (but I ended up finding a bug and I remembered another requested feature so I ended up going back and making those additions so I'm skipping the 1.5.2 release).

New version 1.5.3 Features!

  • Added ability for server's last update time to be used, rather than the value stored within DOCman (useful for those uploading documents via FTP). Thank you d2drummer! (Corresponding keys when calling plugin: useSystemUpdateTime, useDocmanUpdateTime).
  • Added ability to remove the "/" (forward slash) character from being displayed before the Category Name. Thanks d2drummer! (Corresponding keys when calling plugin: showForwardSlash, hideForwardSlash).
  • Added ability for Category Names to not be linked directly to their category page (instead, just the name is displayed with no link). Thanks marbz! (Corresponding keys when calling plugin: showCategoryLinks, hideCategoryLinks).
  • Added ability for the Downloads Home, Search Documents, and Submit Files buttons (normally only available on the actual DOCman Component Page) to be displayed by the plugin. Thanks r2bmanag! (Corresponding keys when calling plugin: showMenu, hideMenu. You may also simply use
    Downloads Home
    Downloads Home
    to display the menu once wherever you'd like and leave this option disabled.).

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