product-image-docmanlist-teaser 236pxThis plugin provides a simple way for users to create a tabular list of file links given one or more DOCman Category IDs. Usage Examples: will get category 123 plus all of its subfolders and files up to 2 levels deep and display them in a table. will get categories 34, 56, and 78 and display them in a table. You may also filter out certain subcategory names if needed by specifying one or more filters:

Since this is a commercial extension you will need to Sign Up as a member in order to access the extension. The Membership Plan is simple: $60 for a 1 Year Term. This will give you access to all commercial extensions and updates (more commercial extensions are already in the least 3 more will be released over the next 2-3 weeks). Already a member? Just login and head over to the Downloads Section


How to Video Series


DOCman is a fantastic component, so why not make it even more useful for your site?

Something that many users may want to do is display your list of files outside of the DOCman component.

Sure the DOClink plugin allows you to link to DOCman documents, but it doesn't really allow you to list your documents automatically within your content items.

That's where the DOCman File Listing Content Plugin comes in to save the day!

New version 1.5.8 Features!

  • Added a new layout: select dropdown lists (initial version...still needs input/work) (Corresponding key when calling plugin: useDropdownLayout)
  • Added a new layout: categories (now you can simply display only the categories if you'd like...the layouts make use of this one) (Corresponding keys when calling plugin: useCategoriesLayout)
  • Added more robust file extension support (added in all icons from default DOCman template and added support for a generic image to be used when no appropriate icon is available)
  • Added check to see if a document has been checked out, if it has then the Check-in link is displayed in lieu of displaying the Update link
  • Added ability to hide empty categories (Corresponding keys when calling plugin: showEmptyCategories, hideEmptyCategories)
  • Added ability to configure the date display format (for those that want to be more detailed and show the time as well as the date or just want to display the date differently).
  • Added ability for the category count to be displayed (Corresponding keys when calling plugin: showCategoryCount, hideCategoryCount)

New version 1.5.6 Features!

  • Completely reworked the data retrieval portion of the plugin to preload data in chunks, rather than load records one by one.
  • Added support for my preload() method within the DocmanRouterHelper class (so if you copy over my custom router.php file into components/com_docman then the number of queries needed when SEF is enabled should be greatly reduced).
  • Added canUpdate() method to DOCmanListHelper class.
  • Added the canUpdate() text into the layouts.
  • Added some additional language keys into the language file.
  • Added some additional configuration options for the menu buttons (now you can turn on/off each of the Downloads Home, Search Documents and Submit Files buttons as well as use a custom URL for the Downloads Home link).
  • Added some additional text that gets displayed when you install the plugin to make sure and inform users that they should go and Enable the plugin if they are installing it for the first time.
  • Added ability for custom height/width to be used for the table layout with preview Layout Option.
  • Added New List Layout (Corresponding key: useListLayout)
  • Added New Table with Preview Layout (Corresponding key: useTableLayoutWithPreview)
  • Added Category Primary Field Ordering Capability (Corresponding keys: categoryOrderByName, categoryOrderByParentId, categoryOrderById, categoryOrderByOrdering along with categoryOrderAscending, categoryOrderDescending)
  • Added Category Secondary Field Ordering Capability (Corresponding keys: categoryOrderByNone2, categoryOrderByName2, categoryOrderByParentId2, categoryOrderById2, categoryOrderByOrdering2 along with categoryOrderAscending2, categoryOrderDescending2)

New version 1.5.2/1.5.3 Features!

  • Added ability for server's last update time to be used, rather than the value stored within DOCman (useful for those uploading documents via FTP). Thank you d2drummer! (Corresponding keys when calling plugin: useSystemUpdateTime, useDocmanUpdateTime).
  • Added ability to remove the "/" (forward slash) character from being displayed before the Category Name. Thanks d2drummer! (Corresponding keys when calling plugin: showForwardSlash, hideForwardSlash).
  • Added ability for Category Names to not be linked directly to their category page (instead, just the name is displayed with no link). Thanks marbz! (Corresponding keys when calling plugin: showCategoryLinks, hideCategoryLinks).
  • Added ability for the Downloads Home, Search Documents, and Submit Files buttons (normally only available on the actual DOCman Component Page) to be displayed by the plugin. Thanks r2bmanag! (Corresponding keys when calling plugin: showMenu, hideMenu. You may also simply use
    Downloads Home
    Downloads Home
    to display the menu once wherever you'd like and leave this option disabled.).

New version 1.5.1 Features!

  • Added Display of the Uploaded By Field  (in addition to the existing: Name, Size, Added On, Last Updated On, and Downloaded columns)
  • Added Show/Hide Capability for following columns: Size, Added On, Last Updated On, Uploaded By and Downloaded.
  • Made categories displaying files collapsible (and the option configurable)
  • Reduced database query usage (unfortunately, DOCman's methods being used within the plugin still generate quite a few...I'll look into fixing this in an upcoming revision)
  • Added ability to display document description in a mootools tooltip when hovering over the document name
  • Added ability to change parameters on the fly when calling the plugin using the following keywords (case-sensitive): orderByName, orderByDate, orderByHits, orderAscending, orderDescending, showTooltip, hideTooltip, showSize, hideSize, showAddedOn, hideAddedOn, showLastUpdatedOn, hideLastUpdatedOn, showUploadedBy, hideUploadedBy, showUsersActualName, showUsername,showDownloaded, hideDownloaded, showExpanded, showCollapsed.
  • Added automatic parameter reset capability  (otherwise, after changing the parameters dynamically in one call, subsequent calls to the plugin will continue to use the same settings).


  • Display files from a single category -
  • Display files from multiple categories (with pipe separators) -
  • Display files from subcategories up to a specified depth - ...this translates into "get subcategories and files up to 3 levels deep from category 37"
  • Display files from subcategories up to a specified depth and exclude certain category titles (with colon separator) -
  • Each table created is sortable!
  • Uses DOCman's built-in access controls!
  • Pretty icons and default styling!


product-image-content update notifications-teaser 236px

It's been a long time coming, but I've finally been able to sit down and complete a project I've been wanting to finish for some time...the new Content Update Notifications Plugin for Joomla 1.6+!

If you already have a subscription to the site, simply login above and then go to the Downloads Page to download the Content Update Notification Plugin!

If you don't yet have a subscription, please visit the Signup Page to get started!

 This plugin does a number of things, but mainly it allows the user editing the content in Joomla 1.6+ (Articles + Content Categories) to receive a notification email upon editing/creating a new content item.

In the notification email, the previous version of the content is attached in a txt file and html file, as well as the new version.

The other information about the content is also displayed in the email.

You can also add additional people to be notified upon editing content (such as administrators, or other key people in charge of keeping the quality of the content intact).

The plugin will also notify you with a copy of the article before it is deleted completely from the system (which should make it easier to restore something if it is deleted accidentally).

You may call it a poor man's version control system (using email as the storage mechanism) but I think it will work quite nicely for a lot of sites and I hope you enjoy it!

On top of the above, I've also added in some common corrections for content pasted from Microsoft Word, but I'm looking for additional examples of things that could be corrected so if you have those I'd really like to add them in so that your HTML can be cleaned automatically upon submission!

Thank you to all of the people that have bought subscriptions to the site this year!

I really want to say thank you to everyone that has bought a subscription this past year that I've been offering commercial extensions for Joomla. Not only have you guys brought a bunch of great ideas to the floor (especially with my DOCman List Plugin) but you guys have been wonderful to communicate with (now, if only I can get the notification system in the forum working correctly so I can be more prompt in those replies...however, I should always respond to emails pretty quickly from my Contact Page).

This announcement is for a little pet project of mine I've been thinking of tackling for a while since I believe it will be very useful at work and which I haven't found a good extension for on the Joomla Extensions Directory

I've seen a number of modules out there which allow you to specify a folder and then get a slideshow out of it, but I haven't seen too many plugins which offer the same thing. What I had been looking for was a content plugin where I could specify my own images folder, some custom parameters if needed, and just have a simple slideshow output on the page.

In my search, I found a module that was pretty close in terms of what I was looking for: Very Simple Image Rotator Module by Jesus Vargas.

I took that module and used it as the basis of the plugin I wanted to build so a lot of credit goes towards the work Jesus put into building the module above.

That has resulted in the Very Simple Image Rotator Content Plugin now available from the Downloads page!

Here's a look at some the features/additions (and below are a few demos of the plugin in action!):

  • Fixed issue with the JavaScript performing the image transitions (z-index: 1 needed to be set to prevent a jumpy, awkward looking transition for the upcoming slide)
  • Added in image resizing using the GD library and Resize class from:
  • Added ability to create a custom links.txt file in the same directory as your images which contains a line for each image, along with a custom URL, title, and alt text to use (e.g. 01.jpg||Imperial Valley College|Picture of IVC Board Member)
  • Added Limit to the Random parameter
  • Added per instance customization options for just about everything! (Example Keys that can be used: includeSubfolders, ignoreSubfolders, randomizeImagesYes, randomizeImagesNo, setRandomLimit 5, directImageLinksYes, directImageLinksNo, setLinksFileName some_other_file.txt, setWidth 640, setHeight 480, setDelay 3000, setTransitionDelay 2000, resizeImagesOn, resizeImagesOff, setResizedImageQuality 80, setFolderPermissions 0755)
  • Added center images in HTML option (centerImagesOn, centerImagesOff)
  • Very simple usage: { vsir setResizedImageQuality 100 directImageLinksYes includeSubfolders setDelay 5000 setTransitionDelay 2000 setWidth 320 setHeight 180 images/resized} (please remove the space between the starting { and vsir when you use this example on your site)

Example 1 with Image Resizing Turned On:

Picture my sister took of me in San Diego

Example 2 with Image Resizing and Center Images Options Turned On:

Picture my sister took of me in San Diego

Example 3 with Custom Width/Height and Image Resizing Turned On (first image has a custom link provided by a simple links.txt file you add into the directory you're pulling images from!):

Picture my sister took of me in San Diego

ArtCats for Joomla! is a module that can list Articles from within a designated Category or can list Categories from within a designated Section. Compatible only with Joomla! 1.5 and later. Please TURN MODULE TITLE OFF if using Both Mode (change module parameters for title instead please), if using only one of the modes turn the module title on. Now comes with a new Sitemap Mode and a JavaScript powered Expandable Mode. You can create a custom .css file for the template you use and submit it to me for inclusion with ArtCats. Subcategories support requires my subcategory patches to Joomla!, which can be found at Please see CHANGELOG for additional changes or

ArtCats Demo: