Very Simple Image Rotator Content Plugin
Version: 2.5.0
Copyright (C) 2008-12 Omar Ramos, orware networks. All rights reserved.
License GNU/GPL, see LICENSE.php


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2.5.0 2012-09-01 / Omar Ramos
+ Fixed issue with the JavaScript performing the image transitions (z-index: 1 needed to be set to prevent a jumpy, awkward looking transition for the upcoming slide)
+ Added in image resizing using the GD library and Resize class from:
+ Added ability to create a custom links.txt file in the same directory as your images which contains a line for each image, along with a custom URL, title, and alt text to use (e.g. 01.jpg||Imperial Valley College|Picture of IVC Board Member)
+ Added Limit to the Random parameter
+ Added per instance customization options for just about everything! (Example Keys that can be used: includeSubfolders, ignoreSubfolders, randomizeImagesYes, randomizeImagesNo, setRandomLimit 5, directImageLinksYes, directImageLinksNo, setLinksFileName some_other_file.txt, setWidth 640, setHeight 480, setDelay 3000, setTransitionDelay 2000, resizeImagesOn, resizeImagesOff, setResizedImageQuality 80, setFolderPermissions 0755)
+ Added center images in HTML option (centerImagesOn, centerImagesOff)
! Very simple usage: { vsir setResizedImageQuality 100 directImageLinksYes includeSubfolders setDelay 5000 setTransitionDelay 2000 setWidth 320 setHeight 180 images/resized} (please remove the space after the starting { symbol when you use on your site)