ArtCats for Joomla! 2.0.4 ReleaseThank you to everyone that's been supporting the ArtCats for Joomla! project over the last 2 years. It was my very first Joomla! Extension and I was really happy with the positive responses it received from users around the Joomla!sphere.

Today I'm happy to announce the immediate release of ArtCats for Joomla!  2.0.4, which includes one new feature sponsored by Christopher Urban of Tetra Strategic Communications of Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. That feature is the new ability to Exclude the Current Article from being displayed in the article list (for those situations where you have the module set to be displayed on an article page and you'd like to keep the current article being visited from being shown in the list...this comes in handy when the article in question is actually the leading page into a series of other articles within the same category and it just doesn't make sense to include it within the list).

This comes along with the release of a new website and extensions club for the Joomla! community, which will include extensions I've put together for various projects over the last two years since creating ArtCats for Joomla!.

But don't worry! ArtCats for Joomla! will remain FREE.

I hope you enjoy the new commercial extensions and the ArtCats for Joomla 2.0.4 release (I've got some features already planned for the 2.0.5 release)!