I have to tell you, besides docman populate this is the best plugin for Docman. My main gripe with docman and other download components is that when you have more than 5 files, no one wants to scroll through 5 pages to view them. -DOCman forum user

DOCman File Listing Plugin

Written by Omar Ramos | Admin. Posted in Products

product-image-docmanlist-teaser 236pxThis plugin provides a simple way for users to create a tabular list of file links given one or more DOCman Category IDs. Usage Examples:

will get category 123 plus all of its subfolders and files up to 2 levels deep and display them in a table.
will get categories 34, 56, and 78 and display them in a table. You may also filter out certain subcategory names if needed by specifying one or more filters:

Since this is a commercial extension you will need to Sign Up as a member in order to access the extension. The Membership Plan is simple: $60 for a 1 Year Term. This will give you access to all commercial extensions and updates (more commercial extensions are already in the pipeline...at least 3 more will be released over the next 2-3 weeks). Already a member? Just login and head over to the Downloads Section



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