I have to tell you, besides docman populate this is the best plugin for Docman. My main gripe with docman and other download components is that when you have more than 5 files, no one wants to scroll through 5 pages to view them. -DOCman forum user

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  • Commercial ExtensionsCommercial Extensions

    • DOCman File Listing PluginDOCman File Listing Plugin

      • DocumentationDocumentation

        #NameSizeAdded OnDownloaded
        1documentation_2.7.7documentation_2.7.7 (Details) (View)290.78 kBApr 16, 20164722 times
        2CHANGELOGCHANGELOG (Details) (View)24.89 kBApr 25, 20153529 times
        3documentation_2.7.5documentation_2.7.5 (Details) (View)302.8 kBApr 25, 20158603 times
      •  DOCman List 2.8 for DOCman 3.0DOCman List 2.8 for DOCman 3.0

      •  DOCman List 2.7 for DOCman 2.1DOCman List 2.7 for DOCman 2.1

      • DOCman List 2.6 for DOCman 2.0DOCman List 2.6 for DOCman 2.0

        • ArchivedArchived

          •  Joomla 3.2.xJoomla 3.2.x

          •  Joomla 2.5.xJoomla 2.5.x

      •  DOCman List 2.5 for DOCman 1.6.x (Joomla 1.6+)DOCman List 2.5 for DOCman 1.6.x (Joomla 1.6+)

      •  DOCman List 1.5 for DOCman 1.5.x (Joomla 1.5)DOCman List 1.5 for DOCman 1.5.x (Joomla 1.5)

    •  Content Update Notifications PluginContent Update Notifications Plugin