I have to tell you, besides docman populate this is the best plugin for Docman. My main gripe with docman and other download components is that when you have more than 5 files, no one wants to scroll through 5 pages to view them. -DOCman forum user

ArtCats Module

Written by Omar Ramos | Admin. Posted in Products


ArtCats for Joomla! is a module that can list Articles from within a designated Category or can list Categories from within a designated Section. Compatible only with Joomla! 1.5 and later. Please TURN MODULE TITLE OFF if using Both Mode (change module parameters for title instead please), if using only one of the modes turn the module title on. Now comes with a new Sitemap Mode and a JavaScript powered Expandable Mode. You can create a custom .css file for the template you use and submit it to me for inclusion with ArtCats. Subcategories support requires my subcategory patches to Joomla!, which can be found at http://www.orware.com. Please see CHANGELOG for additional changes or http://www.orware.com.

ArtCats Demo: